Connecting the Neurons-Movement with Meaning 

Train their brains using movement, music, and fun! Studies prove that healthy, active people make better learners. This is especially true with children.Our staff development program is designed to give every participating educator methods to create safe, non-judgmental learning opportunities for all of their students. By using movement and music attached to a wide variety of subject matter, you can make your classroom come alive with the excitement of learning!

  • Brain Basics
  • Health & Diet
  • Language-Leading to Reading
  • Consecutive (Sequential Learning Skill Builders)
  • Methods for Inclusion
  • Moving Math Games
  • Cross-Lateral Activities for the Enhancement of Reading Comprehension
  • Differentiated Learning Games, Songs and Activities for Everyone

Teams Work- Building School Unity

A team can consist of two people or a planet-full. Any time two or more people are required to accomplish a single task or goal, they must form a team. Our staff believes that teamsmanship is an important life skill so we created a fun, active team-building program. The focus of this seminar is to help turn your staff from a working group into a high performance team.

  • Getting to Know You- ICEBREAKERS
  • Strategies for Successful Inclusion
  • Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Celebrating Successes
  • Positive Communication Methods
  • Cooperation Stations & FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Mountainous Management Skills Inc- Classroom Control: You Get What you Give, Let Them Have It

This staff development seminar will give your educational entertainers easy, fun options to develop self control skills in each of their students. By creating an attitude of individual ownership for each person’s learning process, including their own, students develop the desire to have a positive learning atmosphere for themselves and each other.

  • Cheap Theatrics: How to Get and Keep Their Attention
  • Expectations & Consequences
  • Trust Builders
  • Creative Communication
  • Movement with Meaning

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