What to Expect on the Big Day!!!
Performance Area: We prefer to perform indoors in a gymnasium or on a multi-purpose floor. However, our “Juggling Through the Ages” assembly can be performed on a stage.

Equipment Needs: W.E. C.A.R.E. performers arrive approximately one hour before show time. Our usual needs are an amplified CD player, two tumbling mats to set up a backdrop, and a small table to display equipment. We also visit your physical education equipment room for hula hoops, a football, soccer ball, etc. depending on our program. Have no worries, we always find what we need.

Seating Arrangements: We prefer to set up along a long wall in your gym (performers’ backs to the wall). We need about 20 feet between the wall and the first row of children. Students should be seated on the floor with their legs crossed. The youngest students should be seated in front with grades radiating back in order to the oldest. Spread the students to enhance visibility. We recommend providing folding chairs in the outermost rows for staff, PTA members and guests. We believe in the old cliche, “The more, the merrier”. Please feel free to invite anyone interested in seeing our educational & entertaining program. Another recommendation is to bring the youngest children in at the last moment to avoid sitting too long.


Scheduling: Our #1 goal everyday is to see EVERY student in the school.  During our workshops we bring enough equipment so every child will have his or her own piece of equipment to play, learn, explore, and experience.  In order to see every student in a single day we typically suggest to combined similar grades and/or “specials” in order to accommodate all the kids.  Many schools use their PE/music/library/technology schedule and combine these specials to make classes up to 125.  We are equipped to manage this successfully.  Same grade levels or at least close grade levels grouped together works best (i.e.- all 5th grades, or 2nd and 3rd grades, etc. as opposed to a 1st and 5th grade class combined).  


Below is a Sample schedule.  Again we are easily capable of handling numbers exceeding 100 kids per workshop session.  If you need additional help planning or creating your schedule please feel free to contact us and once your schedule is complete please email or fax to us as we always appreciate a copy ahead of time.



9-10:00 –   All School Assembly in the Gym


Break Out Schedule for Classes.  I wrote the approximate kids involved.


10:10-10:45- 3rd- Ms. A

                     3rd Ms. W   78 kids  (largest group)

                     3rd Ms. C


10:50-11:25-  3rd Mr. C

                     4th Mr. H     77 kids

                      4th  Ms. M


11:30-12:05-  4th Ms. M

                     4th Mr. M      74 kids

                     4th Ms. D


12:05-12:35  LUNCH


12:35-1:10-   1st Ms. C

                    1st Ms. F         67 kids

                    1st Mr. C


1:10- 1:45-   1st Ms. F        65 kids

                    1st Ms. H

                     2nd  Ms. G


1:50-2:25-    2nd Ms. R

                   2nd Ms. W         48 kids


2:30-3:05-   2nd Ms. S

                  2nd Ms C            48 kids