Program Options

  • Full Day School Program which includes a 45 minute assembly and a full day (usually 6-8 workshops) and an option for a Family Fun Night (Must be arranged at time of booking to accommodate for travel plans).  


  • Artist in-Residence Program where one WE CARE person spends the whole week teaching activities in the physical education atmosphere and includes a Family Fun Night.


  • One Artist Full Day program includes all the same content as a regular full day program (assembly, PE workshops, option for a Family Fun Night).


  • Half Day School Program which includes a 45 minute assembly followed by three 30 minute workshops.


  • Assembly Only is a fantastic educational and entertaining 45 assembly for the entire school to enjoy.


  • Staff Development Program:  1-3 hour long sessions for all teachers (classroom and PE) to demonstrate excellent techniques to incorporating movement and learning across all subject/curriculum in order to improve student learning and retention.  Great technniques for activities both in the gyms and in the classrooms.

For specific program prices and additional options please call us at 800-64KICKS or contact us.